I’m going to attempt a no spend month

Well, I’m very excited, as I’m going to attempt a month without spending!

This means no treats, no luxury food, no clothes, no frippery. I’ll be living off of what I have and only buying what I need.

What I can buy:

  • Basic food – bread, vegetables, pasta, cheese, meats etc
  • Toothpaste
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dishwasher tablets
  • Soap
  • Dog food
  • Petrol

What I can’t buy:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Luxury versions of food
  • Take-aways
  • Clothes
  • Meals out
  • Toiletries other than soap
  • Candles or air fresheners
  • Make-up
  • Treats

This plan is inspired by And Then We Saved. Anna did this for an entire year! If I feel like I can do the same then I’ll extend it, which will be brilliant! The month starts in June so between now and then I’ll slow down my spending gradually.

I’ll be documenting the month as much as possible.

Hi I’m Selena

And I like to save. Or at least try to! I’m an ex-shopaholic on my journey to a debt free life.

Current debt stands at £15k – eeek.

My plan is to become accountable for my spending and debt repayments by sharing it with you guys. I hope you don’t mind!

I currently reside in Fitzrovia, London. Not the cheapest place to live. My friend rents me a box room and that costs me a damn fortune. So my goal is to move out of Fitz and to somewhere cheaper.

Here’s my problem. I like to live WELL. I like nice things, glamour, and what not. I like to party, date, eat out. You know the deal. I need to learn to live a glamorous life on a budget. Quick.

Today I’ve decided I’ll be doing the following:

  • Cut up my credit cards – stat
  • Assess my needs versus my wants
  • Look for a new place to live that’s cheaper and bigger
  • Cancel a load of my needless subscriptions
  • Get a better-paid job
  • Learn how to cook
  • Find a boyfriend (ok – this isn’t a money thing!)

I hope you’ll follow my journey. I really want to change my life. And without you dear reader, who will make me accountable? Certainly not my social circle!

Stay tuned for further updates on how Selena Saves!